Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Luke + Vanessa = Jaxon

         All photos were taken in my very own backyard under the beautiful Colorado Sunset!

                                            Decided to get my tripod out and shoot away!
Colorado summers are AMAZING!  Warm sunny days cooled off by afternoon thunderstorms almost every summer day!
                                                       Gonna be itchy after this shot...

       These next frames were taken by my incredible hubby...  Edgy, beautiful and maternal!
We are so excited for our little man but a few more months to go!

         I thought I make everyone else bare their bellies I better do so myself!

                                       The LoVe of my life and our new little one to come!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Presenting Dr. Ben Kemp and Dr. Rechel Orlino!  Recent graduates from Medical School where they met and fell in love!

The Famous Bow & Arrow near the Embarcadero in SF!  Cupid definitely hit his target when these two met 4 years ago!
A street sign to symbolize where they met... studied... sweat blood and tears through classes but made it through with an amazing story!
I wanted them to look awkward in the photo below... and just got some laughs out of it! Tiny has the most contagious laugh!  You can always tell when she enters a room!
Ben, also a photographer mentioned he likes photography because he likes to hide behind the camera... well, I found a way around that!  He is an incredible guy and it is obvious how he feels about Rechel! I couldn't be more happy for my best friend!
I call this one NapaStyle...  Napa Valley is a special place for this couple because it was a short distance away from their medical school and many nights were spent venting and relaxing here with friends.

I was once told you should never name your photos, the images should speak for themselves but I am a poet at heart and I call this one, "Love's Reflection."
San Francisco Bay Bridge

Rechel has been one of my best friend's since 4th grade.  I had the honor and pleasure of shooting their engagement photos and celebrating their graduation from medical school! It was an AMAZING weekend in San Francisco! Thank you Ben and Tiny (Rechel) for letting me spend this special weekend with you and your families! Congratulations and Good Luck in OH my friends :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

7 Month Old Fun in the Park!

 Check out this amazing little family!  My favorite part was this boy's rocking mohawk!

 The sweet embrace of a mother! Love this one!

 This grass looks delicious...
 Don't mind if I do...
 Nope, I was wrong!  :)

 The trust between a Father and Son!

This duo make even a playground look manly!  Thank you Larissa and your sweet family for another fun family session!  Enjoy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Boys will be Boys ~ McCadams Family Session

 A boy band in the making :)

 These guys are all about climbing and playing on the rocks and in the water.  All boys all the time!

 This Beautiful portrait really brings out her warmth and caring spirit!

 Couldn't always get a smile, but this pose makes up for it!
What a great day in the park for this family session! The boys allowed me to sneak in and grab some amazing images as they explored the ponds and rocks at the Fox Run Park! Thank you Jenni and your boys!